The prizes are presented according to the date upon which they occur in the year, without taking their periodicity into account. The Prizes which are reserved (at least partially) for the Wallonia-Brussels Federation are presented in French, those open to a broader public are presented in English. 

BiR&D Multi-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Awards

Deadline: 01.11.2017

Periodicity: annual

Theme: PhD thesis that presents an original and multidisciplinary contribution with potential industrial valorization within a 5 years period. One Award in the domain of Life & Health Sciences,
one Award in the domain of Science & Technology.  
Nominees: Belgium
Award: 2 x 10,000 €

Documents: Regulations - Form - Award Winners

Scientific Award Foundation AstraZeneca – Asthma

Deadline: 02.07.2018

Periodicity: annual

Theme: Innovative scientific research on precision medicine in bronchial asthma.
Nominees : Belgium
Award : 25,000 €

DocumentsRegulations - Application form - Lauréats - Press release

Scientific Award Foundation AstraZeneca – Mental Disorders

Deadline : 02.07.2018

Periodicity : annual

Theme : Innovative approaches for the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders.
Nominees : Belgium
Award : 25.000 €

Documents : Regulations - Application form - Lauréats - Press release

Scientific Award Foundation AstraZeneca – Oncology

Deadline : 02.07.2018

Periodicity : annual

Theme : Innovative scientific research on local therapies in oncology.
Nominees : Belgium
Award : 25.000 €

DocumentsRegulations - Application form - Lauréats - Press release

Scientific Award Foundation AstraZeneca – Primary Care & Family Medicine

Deadline : 02.07.2018

Periodicity : annual

Theme : Innovative approaches for better outcomes in primary care and family medicine.
Nominees : Belgium
Award : 25.000 €

Documents : Regulations - Application form - Lauréats - Press release

Baillet Latour Health Prize 2018

Deadline : 30.09.2017

Periodicity : annual

Theme : Cancer
Nominees : International
Award : 250.000 €

DocumentsCall for nomination - Regulations - Application form - Historical background

Prize of the "Princesse Joséphine-Charlotte Study Centre"

Deadline: 01.03.2017

Periodicity: biennial

Theme: scientific research achievement in the field of viral infections, in connection with health
Nominees: Belgium
Award: 12,500 €

Documents: Regulations - Application form - Press release -Award winners

Lambertine Lacroix Prize

Deadline: 15.12.2017

Periodicity: biennial

Theme: Recherche en cancérologie fondamentale, de préférence avec implication translationelle. En 2020 : Recherche sur les affections cardio-vasculaires.
Nominees: Wallonia-Brussels Federation 
Award: 30,000 €

Documents: Regulations - Form - Award winners - Prize-giving dossier

McKinsey & Company Scientific Prize

Deadline: 01.03.2018

Periodicity: annual

Theme: social and economic pertinence  or concrete applicability of a thesis in exact sciences, applied sciences, social, economic or management sciences, or biomedical sciences 
Nominees (2 Prizes): Belgium - Doctoral thesis - one per linguistic community 
5,000 €

Documents: Regulations - Form - Award winners - Prize-giving dossier

Gagna A. & Ch. Van Heck Prize

Next Deadline : 15.1.2018

Periodicity: triennial

Theme: research having contributed to the cure, or hopes of cure, of a currently incurable disease
Nominees: International – researcher or medical doctor
Award: 75,000 €

Documents: Regulations - List of award winners - Prize-giving dossier

Oswald VANDER VEKEN Prize – Tumors of the Locomotor Apparatus

Deadline: 01.03.2017

Periodicity: triennial

Theme: research on the causes, prevention, diagnosis or treatment of tumors of the locomotor apparatus
Nominees: European Economic Area + Switzerland
Award: 25,000 €

DocumentsRegulations EN - Application form - Award Winners

Baillet Latour Grant for Medical Research (GMR) - 2019

Deadline: 30.06.2018

Periodicity: annual

Theme : Cardiovascular Diseases
Nominees : a young independent investigator of any nationality with a full-time position and a salary secured for at least 5 years until June 30, 2024 in a Belgian University and/or University Hospital and/or a Belgian Research Institute.
Award : 150.000 € / year awarded for 3 years with a possible extension for 2 years (grand total of 750.000 €)


Alexander von Humboldt Prize

Deadline: 1.3.2015 (application submitted by the education authority)

Periodicity: biennial (period 2015-2016 and 2016-2017)

Theme: research work recognised internationally, without retriction of Sciences
Nominees: Germany, Highly qualified researcher 
Award: between13,000 € and 39,000 € for a stay in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation of between 4 months and 1 year.

Documents: Regulations


Next Deadline: 01.03.2016

Periodicity: quadriennal

Theme: Doctoral thesis in the domain of medical microbiology and infectious diseases
Nominees: Wallonia-Brussels Federation – Thesis defended in the course of the two calendar years  preceding the date of introduction of the Prize 
Award: 15,000 €

DocumentsRegulations - Form - Prize-giving dossier - Award winners

SCK•CEN Chair "Roger Van Geen" 2017

Deadline: 15.05.2017

Periodicity: biennial  

Theme: nuclear energy and/or nuclear radiation : both technically oriented research and socio-economic research 
Nominees: worlwide 
Award: 12,500 €  

DocumentsRegulations - Application form - Prize-winners


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