Components of pillar 1 "Scientific Excellence" of Horizon 2020, the research infrastructures (IR) include:

  • noteworthy scientific equipment - or groups of instruments
  • cognitive resources such as collections, archives and scientific libraries
  • virtual infrastructures, such as databases, IT systems and communication networks

The 2014-2015 work programme can be divided up into four calls:

  • Call 1 : Develop new world-class research infrastructures
  • Call 2 : Integrate and open research Infrastructures of European interest
  • Call 3 : The e-Infrastructures
  • Call 4 : Support innovation, human resources, strategy and international cooperation

Click here for additional information on these calls.

Moreover, the F.R.S.-FNRS participates via the NCP-FNRS in the drawing up of the Belgian roadmap of the infrastructures of European dimensions identifed by the ESFRI (European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructures).

Informations : NCP-FNRS

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