The F.R.S.-FNRS has introduced specific instruments in order to finance researchers at different stages of their career.



FRS-FNRS PIE budget-mandataires2012

  • FNRS resarch fellows or FRIA scholarship holders (2*2 years)

for young researchers wishing to do a PhD

  • PhD Grants (1 year)

for professionals who can only devote part of their time to research

  • Researchers

for postdoctoral researchers at the start of their career

  • Research Associates (permanent contract)

for senior researchers.
The research associate can apply for a promotion (Senior Research Fellow, then Research Director). However, in most cases the researcher continues his/her career within the university as a doctoral researcher, thus freeing up a research associate position within the F.R.S.-FNRS.

  • ULYSSE Mandate (2+1 year)

the F.R.S.-FNRS can offer experienced researchers working outside of Belgium the opportunity to come and develop a research programme in a university within the French-speaking community of Belgium.


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